Borne aloft on a cleft stick?

Can’t remember where I first heard this phrase, but it stayed in my brain as an amusing (if uncomfortable) image. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, it means to be in a situation where it is difficult to decide what to do, usually because both of your two choices of action would cause problems, e.g.: UN troops are in a cleft stick: something has toContinue reading “Borne aloft on a cleft stick?”

Ms Persnickety’s Blog

5 WICKED TIPS TO IMPROVE YOUR WRITING ONE IDEA, ONE PARAGRAPH. WHY? Many people find it easy just to blurt out all their information in one BIG, GREY, IMPENETRABLE paragraph. Then you, the reader, have to unpack all the ideas to make sense of the info. DO THIS: Let some air into your writing. UseContinue reading “Ms Persnickety’s Blog”