Training ― How to Start Writing Your Memoir

No one else has experienced your unique life. But it’s been so remarkable, you often think about recording it. But does it all seem too hard? Or too big a project? Or you wonder how to start?

Let me show you what I call the Mud-Brick Home Method of writing your memoir.

To create a mud-brick home, first you need to make mud bricks … one at a time. When you get enough of them, you join them together and build a home.

At my interactive memoir workshop, you take one family photo, then write all the who/what/when/where/why details about it. Plus whatever else you remember. Now you have your first mini-story, your symbolic mud brick. Repeat.

Create enough mini-stories, put them together ―and watch your exceptional story take on a life of its own!

What if you DON’T write your life story?

Author Anne Lamott warned, in a recent TED Talk: “You are going to feel like hell if you never write the stuff that is tugging on the sleeves of your heart — your stories, memories, visions and songs. Your truth, your version of things, your own voice. That is really all you have to offer us. And that’s also why you were born.”

Your audience

Knowing who you’re writing to helps you get your thoughts in order. Your children, your descendants, yourself, anyone else who’s interested.

Little everyday stories

Remember your mother talking about when you were a child, recalling some special incident involving Little You? I know a story about a little boy who decided to do a good deed and paint the neighbour’s garage … without asking.

Everyone has little-kid stories about themselves. They give the flavour of life back then, and the relationships between you and family members.

Every life is made up of anecdotes ― some funny, some more serious or thoughtful.

Family secrets

All families have secrets and black sheep. Back in the day, people were tight-lipped about family scoundrels, fallen women and ne’er-do-wells, but these characters have become as intriguing and fashionable as convicts. Got any beans to spill? Knock yourself out!

Getting started

That’s the hardest part of anything! This workshop guides you to start creating your anecdotal “mud bricks”, and offers other sources of inspiration for fleshing out your memoir. You just can’t go wrong!


You know what?

Every life story has a lesson. Every life is fleeting. Every life needs to be made sense of. Ring me now. 0417 722 937

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