Academic editing

As an academic, working in an environment where expression of thoughts, reasoning, publication of books and chapters and peer reviewed journal papers are part of everyday life and often critically analysed, the importance to have the support of a professional editor becomes a necessity.  Josephine is a professional editor who has mastered the expertise to be fully engaged in the text but still protect the individuality of the writer and author.

Her support as my professional editor since our first meeting in 2011 when I worked on a PhD proposal for the University of Queensland up to the current projects which include a sole authored book, book chapters and research proposal make it possible to maintain high quality publications.

I confidently will refer my fellow researchers to make use of her professional editing services.

—Anna Elizabeth du Plessis, Ph D/Grad Cert HE, D Ed, M Ed, B Ed (Hons), Adv Dip E (Remedial Teaching), Research Fellow

Management book editing

Josephine Brown was the editor for my book Reimagining Management. My only hesitation in writing this testimonial is that she hasn’t checked it! In editing my book Josephine made sure I had the commas in the right place and removed all the unnecessary quotation marks (so many times!), and I’m sure that’s important, but what she really did was add clarity.

Having read her version of what I wrote, I understood it better. Punctuation and grammar are important, but the point of the exercise is communication. If you are writing anything for publication, use an editor.

Use Josephine Brown.

—Roger Tregear

Historical fiction editing

Despite the number of times I went over the manuscript of my historical novel [The mystery convict of the Lady Juliana], based on the life of a convict woman transported to Australia, seeking errors that would let me down, Josephine still managed to find more than I could imagine. The fact that she found so many gave me the megrims, in need of a lengthy rest!

Once recovered, I realized that Josephine had indicated ways to negotiate the dialogue and flow, helping with nuances of language as I tried to find ways around eighteenth century English narrative for a woman for whom English was her second or third language.

Combine this with the problems associated with ‘flash’ language, or patois, of frequent law-breakers in Great Britain, many of whom became convicts and brought their ‘flash’ language to Australia, this posed something of a problem.

I am pleased beyond measure that Josephine helped break through the many conundrums.

—Elizabeth Warren

Historical fiction editing

As a writer of historical and contemporary fiction, I consider myself a pretty good editor. Also, the members of my writers’ group cast their critical eyes over all my work. Once it’s polished after that, you’d think it was ready for publication. Think again.

I then pass it on to Josephine Brown, who finds more improvements than one could believe, after all the previous tweaking.

So, if you want your story to be the best you’re capable of writing, do yourself a favour and get a professional editor. Get Josephine Brown.

—Josephine Allen

Historical fiction editing

When I engaged Josephine Brown to edit my historical romance novel, The Heart Has Its Reasons, I was confident that she was the right person for the task. She didn’t even blanch at the length of the manuscript (115,000 words).

Josephine’s overall assessment of the work was constructive and, at times, most enlightening. She pointed out a bad habit of mine in constructing some sentences which didn’t appropriately reflect the sequence of a character’s actions. This was a revelation. Her line edit revealed my habitual mistake regarding the contraction of particular words, and she also acquainted me with a major error I’d made concerning eighteenth century comprehension of a particular disease.

Her editing was a major component in my having a finished product (ebook and print) of which I am proud.

Josephine works promptly and efficiently, and I highly recommend her editing skills.

—Bronwyn Houldsworth

Memoir editing

Being of German descent and with English as my second language, I decided to write my life story, A Colourful Life, in English. However, I knew I would need support on my language structure and grammar as I wrote my story.  To support my work I was on the lookout for a good editor who could enhance my words without changing my meaning.

After looking around, a good friend of mine recommended Josephine Brown and she certainly delivered.  Josephine helped me shape my biographical story to be what I needed it to be.  I couldn’t be happier with the result.

I highly recommend Josephine Brown.  She is warm, personable and good at what she does. Give her a call, you won’t be disappointed.

—Gisela Walden

Memoir editing

Josephine recently edited my book Richard’s Story. Memoir of a Mallee Boy.

I found her very easy to work with. She was always prompt with her responses to the sections of my work that I sent to her, and her editing was very professional, painstaking and thorough.

I was lucky to have engaged her services when I was only about half way though the writing of my book, so that her expert editing and suggestions in regard to my work were invaluable.

Her opinion that I was a good writer and that my book was very good have proved to be correct as I have received some very flattering feedback from relatives and friends. One old friend that I had not seen for some time bought ten copies and gave them away to friends, which I found amazing.

—Richard Laurance Newland, B.A.

Newsletter editing

Josephine is editor of BrisLETS’ monthly newsletter. As Chair, I send out a lot of stories to our members that are adeptly and sensitively filtered by her.

She makes sure my diction is clear. She makes the layout eminently readable.

She sends whole passages back to me and advises me on how to reword them in a politically tactful way ― thereby saving me from myself!

Josephine, you are a treasure. Thank you.

―Simon Cole, Chair & CES Website Administrator, BrisLETS.com



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