Josephine’s back story

Back in the day, a good secretary was often a de-facto editor. I was, but I needed formal proof of my ability.

So I studied journalism through the University of Southern Queensland and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. Worked in general news at a regional daily newspaper.

Moving to Brisbane, I created persuasive messages and advertisements for a marketing firm as a copywriter.

I am an AE (Accredited Editor); I’ve passed a stringent editing exam to prove I know my subject well. With my help, you can be confident you’ll say what you really mean, whatever you write.

And I’ll wave a red flag when I see things you’ve written that could cause you trouble—whether it’s fiction, web content or a thesis.

Want to improve your writing style? I developed Cut to the Chase, a workshop to help individuals and teams cultivate concise writing habits.

I’ve also crafted a short workshop to get you started on your life story. It’s called One Brick at a Time. I’m planning further helpful workshop topics.

You know what?

YOUR WORDS MATTER if you truly want to connect with someone. Let’s put a shine on your next project. Call me now on 0417 722 937.