Training ― Cut to the Chase workshop

CUT TO THE CHASE―Tighten your writing in this 3-hour workshop!

Strangely, it’s much easier to write too much, rather than just enough. Concise writing takes time and thought to achieve.

 Why is concise writing important?

  • Time is tight. Everyone is busy. Your readers want to read and understand easily.
  • Long-winded documents waste time and bore readers. Some will even stop reading.
  • You want people to get what you write, first go. Then do what you suggest.
  • No one should ever have to re-read something in order to understand it. 

My workshop comes to you

At my enjoyable, interactive 3-hour Cut to the Chase workshop, you and your team will recognise bad writing habits, and learn good habits of concise writing.

Here’s the workshop outline:

  1. Introduction, format and outline of sessions
  2. Rejecting redundancy
  3. Recognising when to use the passive voice
  4. Weasel words and other enemies of good writing
  5. Pitfalls in the path to good writing
  6. Critical contest for participants; announcing winner
  7. Workshop evaluation.

Participants receive generous handouts to keep for reference.

You know what?

No one wants to read more words than they have to. Not even your dear old Mum. More info: 0417 722 937

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