Get quality assurance for what you’ve written

As a copy-editor, my job is to be a translator, working to make sure you and your readers understand each other.

Communication expert Arthur Plotnik explains how this works:

“You write to communicate to the hearts and minds of others what’s burning inside you.

“And we edit to let the fire show through the smoke.”

What my editing will do for you:

  • arrange your ideas logically
  • help your reader get what you mean
  • help you to transfer knowledge to your reader
  • find and fix embarrassing mistakes, like misused words
  • find and fix typos and punctuation errors
  • help you reach all readers, by using plain language
  • clarify your writing by making it accurate, concise and consistent
  • make you understood in print and online
  • persuade your reader to act now.

And proofreading?

It’s time for proofreading when your document’s been written, edited, approved and is about to go out.

It’s amazing what a fresh set of eyes will pick up just before it goes public! Usually small things, but fixing them is crucial for maintaining your credibility as an expert.

Are all your INFORMATION PRODUCTS clear and easy to read?

If you’ve created any of these documents, ask someone you trust to give you an honest opinion on them. Are they hard to read or did they read every word because they were interesting?

If you got the thumbs-down, you need my help, pronto.

Adverts, brochures & flyers

Annual reports 

Back-cover blurbs

Biographies & family histories

Business letters

Fiction: short stories & full-length novels


How-to books

Newsletter content



Scientific texts

Technical documents

Web content

White papers AKA special reports

You know what?

For every error you make in a document, your apparent IQ drops by 5 points. For every “there/their/they’re” type of mistake, it drops by 10 points.

—Source: http://whatever.scalzi.com/2006/02/12/writing-tips-for-non-writers-who-dont-want-to-work-at-writing/

Even tiny errors can make your reader say “huh?” and stop reading. Why? Because you’re supposed to be an EXPERT in your field. Call 0417 722 937 now.






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