Life Story in a Nutshell ― connecting easily with dementia sufferers

In an aged-care facility, some residents will have been afflicted by dementia.

Hands-on staff are usually flat out. Patient admission details just tell them what’s happening now with their new resident ― let’s say it’s your Mum.

There’s just no time to find out what she’s achieved and who she’s been in her former life.

Yet knowing more about each resident’s life is crucial to improving their wellbeing.

And improving the wellbeing of persons with dementia is a win for everyone.

An easy way to connect

Imagine if her caregivers had a quick way to find out about your Mum’s earlier life. Imagine how handy it would be if this tool was right there, beside her bed.

The tool? Her life story in a nutshell, illustrated with several relevant photos, framed and conveniently hung in her bedroom.

Caregivers may already know what subjects or situations would distress her.

But now they could quickly find out which topics would engage her, or bring her great pleasure to recall.

Getting their details

Life Story in a Nutshell is a personalised service that teams up with you and other family members to create a concise life story of your loved one, filled with anecdotes, achievements and other back-story material.

When you give the go-ahead, you will get some questions to make it easy for you to provide the details needed for a 1000-word story filled with the relevant anecdotes, achievements and family details of a person’s life, supported by a few well-chosen images.

Professional writer and editor Josephine Brown is a former journalist, so she’s trained to gather facts, then write them up concisely, clearly and in plain language that’s easy to understand.

The result is an attractive story, illustrated with significant colour photos and captions. The person whose life it is will take pride in seeing their achievements in print.

The framed story will be delivered promptly to where your loved one now lives.

Below is an image to give you an idea of how it looks, framed. Click on the image to read the actual text of the story Josephine wrote about her dear aunt.

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