Life Story in a Nutshell โ€• the ultimate milestone gift

Ever noticed?

The older people get, the harder it is to find a gift for their birthday, retirement or special presentation. Most folks, after a certain age, have all the STUFF they need. And then some!

But if a significant milestone is getting closer, how do you mark the occasion?

ANSWER: By presenting that special person with their own story. A kind of โ€œThis is your lifeโ€ โ€• in a nutshell.

Getting the details

Life Story in a Nutshell is a personalised service where you and other family members or friends team up to create a brief life history of your loved one, your respected friend or colleague.

When you give the go-ahead, you will get some questions to make it easy for you to provide the details needed for a 1000-word story filled with the relevant anecdotes, achievements and family details of a personโ€™s life, supported by a few well-chosen images.

Professional writer and editor Josephine Brown is a former journalist, so sheโ€™s trained to gather facts, then write them up concisely and clearly. The result is a condensed version of a whole life that’s easy to read and remember.

A welcome gift

This attractive, framed story, illustrated with significant colour photos and captions, will be delivered promptly, ready for you to gift-wrap.

Youโ€™ll feel so proud to present it, and the recipient will feel thrilled and honoured to receive an unusual gift that celebrates their unique life and career.

Here’s how it will look, framed,ย  below. Click on it to read the actual text of the story Josephine wrote about her dear aunt.

Tassie memoir (1)

Download brochure here.

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