Only YOU

In your business communications, the most magic word of all is YOU.

Whether you’re writing a sales letter, a brochure, web content, a print advertisement or a flyer, have a good look at it before it goes out.

Highlight all the WEs and OURs. Are these words scattered all through your text like confetti?

A sad truth: no one wants to know what WE stock/have/supply. Talking about OUR policy/products/service is a waste of time.

So what do you do? Turn the pronouns WE and OUR into YOU and YOUR.

Why? Because people only want to know what’s in it for them. Not what you’ve got!

Instead of: “WE have a great range of whizgigs” …

… try: “Take YOUR time to have a good look. YOU can choose from a spectacular range of the latest whizgigs”.

Instead of: “OUR service is second to none”…

… try: “Been caught before? Now, YOU can have peace of mind and rely on a true 24-hour service”.

Only YOU speaks straight to your clients and customers to solve their problems and fulfil their dreams.



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